Community Policing

Community Policing has exposed a weakness in the traditional policing model. If we look at the way that community policing has worked out for other areas we will notice how much more effective it would be in our community.

An example of police accepting and  being effective in L A areas  specifically in watts.    Officer Tiffany Norwood says ” I keep a good relationship with these people  they see me as some sort of auntie or a mother that they never had” ” Their is a difference between telling someone “Hey can I talk to you vs saying get over here”. Police are trying to comply with  community policing because it will make them look better and feel more accepted.

Their are some Police who believe that community policing isn’t working . In a interview with NPR radio Eugene O’Donnell who teaches law and criminal justice at John Jay College , was also a former Police officer and Prosecutor. In his interview  he states ” The simplistic notion that cops have to be nice to people is silly”. This shows that not all police believe that community policing work they believe that it is a joke to them.

Community policing can help out our area with the right mindset of the right people. Why is it that police believe that helping ourselves are  us seeing them as a joke or expecting then to be nice.


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