Guerrero’s community policing

In the United States of America there were 59 fatal police shootings in the first 24 days of the year 2015. Police violence in America is out of control. To solve this problem, we can look to examples of community policing in other countries. In the Mexican state of Guerrero, several communities have started to police themselves. The communities kicked out the police and government so that they could police their communities on their own. Community policing started in Guerrero because they wanted to protect their community from violence and sexual assault. Unfortunately, soon the community split into two groups of police who have been trying to bring each other down.

In Guerrero, Mexico there were many atrocities that triggered the community to police themselves. Puaz, of Regeneracion Radio, stated that “this project was born from public assemblies because animal theft, assaults, and sexual abuse of woman became intolerable. Sexual abuse was the most painful for the communities, and one particularly unbearable case was that of a 7-year-old girl” (Puaz). It is sad to know this is happening and the police or governments were not doing anything about it. The community felt it was time they did something about this. They kicked out the government and the police so that they could police the community on their own.

The community wanted to stop crime. They did not approve of poverty and they believed in people’s rights. Placido Bruno said “this movement arises from the need to prevent crime and to avoid deaths, and we seek to bring down and eradicate crime at its roots, which is poverty, and then restore the rights of citizens to recuperate their lost dignity.” People in Guerrero took over and started policing the community to prevent crimes from happening. They wanted to help save people’s rights so they wouldn’t lose their dignity and they were concerned about stopping crime at its source, which is often poverty.

Guerrero had two groups of people doing community policing. However, these two groups seemed to have fallen into a cycle of conflict Ramon Navarrete claims that the two groups were no longer interested in “the preservation of this autonomous system of justice but rather their agenda is to work on strengthening their group and weakening the other.” Some have tried to re-unite the groups as one, but they have continued to fight and bring each other down.

The purpose of community policing is to protect the community from getting hurt or harassed. The community needs to stop being at war with each other and be at war with those who are causing pain and suffering in their community.



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