5th Annual Green Friday (on Saturday)- An event to end Consumerism

Located at the CALO Campus
3626 E. 5th St. Los Angeles, CA 90063
Local Transit Goldline Indiana Station, 40 Indiana stop, 720/18 Indiana Stop
Bikes are awesome, especial when people ride them.

Green Friday is an event to end consumerism and showcase the aftermath of Capitalism. This event is about giving stuff a second life and promoting self reliance.

Join us on Saturday for this community event where we will be hosting a Stuff Grab where you get the following items you may need for FREE:
-Clothing (Women, Men, Children, Baby, Genderless)
-Household items

Music and Lunch will be provided

Green Friday is a great community event hosted by CALO YouthBuild and organized by CALO Youth because:
-It’s a great alternative to Black Friday
-You get to engage with new community members
-Get to know more about the community resources
-Take home any items you might need
-Fights Consumerism
-Makes us happier

CALO YouthBuild’s mission is to cultivate collaborative learning communities in which every student has the right to an authentic education, plays a meaningful role in creating positive social change, and becomes an active participant in working towards just conditions for all.

Our vision is that all young people, regardless of their circumstances, have access to an education that will prepare them to counter social inequities and realize their full potential. Our school empowers young people to transform themselves and become leaders in their communities. Our school is a haven of trust and respect, where students can prepare for success in careers, post-secondary education, and life.

Please join us and invite those that seek to be happier.

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