CALO YouthBuild believes that all people deserve to live in a safe and healthy environment. CALO has been involved in several environmental justice campaings since the start of the organization. We have been fighting to create a safe and healthy living environment in Boyle Heights and surrounding East Side. Every year we have organized Grean Friday-a response to the consumerism and waste of Black Freiday. We have also implemented Native Landscaping, solar,rainwater catchmet, and water conservation projects. We’ve facilitated bike safety trainigs, and volunteered at ciclavia. In the past we have contributed to the Green the EastSide Campaign. Green the Eastside was developed through our work to bring healthier food to Boyle Heights, generating support for the Cesar Chavez Bike Lane, swapping grass lawns with drought tolerant gardens and growing the First Street School Garden. This is a collaborative campaign with community members, local organizations, and leaders that seek to “Green” the Eastside. This Campaign seeks to address issues around wate, clean air, clean energy, alternative transportation, entrepreneurship, green jobs, and healthy food.


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