CALO YouthBuild’s Social Justice Campaign is primarily focused on dismantling the Prison Industrial Complex. As members of the Coalition to End Sheriff Violence in LA Jails, we have spent three years advocating for effective civilian oversight of the LA Sheriff’s Department, disbanding of all sheriff gangs, and an end to all new jail construction in LA County.

To accomplish our goals, we have organized protests and teach-ins. We have created videos, banners and radio broadcasts. We have written articles and presented to the LA County Board of Supervisors. In the Winter of 2014, we helped to organize a massive candidates forum for the 2014 sheriff’s election.

In December 2014, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted to create the Civilian Review Board that we had been demanding for over two years. However, we are still advocating that the new civilian review board includes all of the characteristics that we think it needs to be effective. These powers include: 1) The board should have subpoena power, 2) The board should include nine members with at least one representing a community organization, 3) the board should have independent legal council, 4) There should be no law enforcement on the board, 5) The board should guide the work of the county’s inspector general.

In the Spring of 2015, we began researching the conflict between skaters and sheriffs in Mariachi Plaza. We conducted a survey with over 100 community members and found that skaters were being targeted in the plaza, despite the fact that most community members did not see them as a threat. After sharing our data with the Inspector General, Max Huntsman, we decided that we should continue to pursue the issue with both Metro and the Sheriffs department. We hope to conduct further research that can be used to inform a constructive solution.

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