CALO YouthBuild’s Green Building construction program provides participants ages 18 to 24 with a comprehensive, hands on skills trainig, using sustainable practices to rehabilitate low-income housing within our community. This training leads to industry recognized credentials and certifications, which will give youth an advantage for placement onto a construction related career path.

MC3 and OSHA 

Youthbuild Members are also offered the opportunity to recieve Multi Craft Core Curriculum certification (MC3). The MC3 is a nationally recognized pre-apprenticeship curriculum approved by 11 trade unions. MC3 consist of the following courses: Construction Basics, Labor Studies, and Constructions Math. Members will also earn a 10-hour OSHA certification and First Aid/CPR trianing.

When schedualed to prticipate in construction activities, including classroom and worksite, each member is requiered to report to class ready for work, dressed in fitted pants, t-shirts, and closed shoes. The program will provide you with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and tools that are requiered at all times on the construction site. In additon to the general Code of Conduct and program rules, special constructionsite rules must be followed.


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